The Best Podcasts To Listen To On The Go

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Whether you’re in your car or riding the train or bus, there’s no need to waste your commute. Simply download some podcast episodes and play them in your car or on your MP3 player while you travel, and you’ll be able to use your commute time to learn new things.

There are now podcasts available on almost every subject imaginable. No matter what your interests are, you will certainly be able to find at least one that you enjoy. Podcast episodes vary in length depending upon their subjects and formats, but they generally last from ten minutes to an hour. Listening to health-related podcast episodes from is a great way to get knowledge about keeping fit. Science enthusiasts will probably be interested in This Week in Science, a general science podcast, and Astronomy Cast, an astronomy-related program. If your interests tend more towards sports, have a listen to some of ESPNRadio’s podcast episodes.

History fans have an even wider selection of podcasts to choose from. The History of Rome, for one example, is a massive podcast project that spans 179 episodes and explores ancient Rome from its birth to its collapse in digestible 30 minute episodes. Dan Carlin’s history podcast episodes, on the other end of the spectrum, take hours to delve into historical events, why they occurred, and what their effects were. This podcast is excellent for those who have extremely long commutes.The information party rocks on: History of Inspiration

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