First, Find Something That Interests You

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When you are invested in creating a podcast that reaches out to many people, the first thing that you need is a topic.

Some people waste their time looking at what is currently popular and what people are listening to. While understanding the market is important, do not let yourself be too influenced with regards to what you think you should be doing.

Making a podcast is a very personal experience. A podcast allows people to get to know you, and they will quickly figure out if you are talking about something that you do not care about. The key is to choose a subject that you are passionate about, one where you could just ramble for ages.

Remember that your enthusiasm is contagious. If your audience can hear that you are happy and excited about something, they will pick it up from you. The converse of this statement is also true. If you secretly think it is dull or that it is tiring, your audience will pick up on that too.

When you are plotting a podcast, take a moment to consider how you can find a subject that speaks to you. Passion is an important part of the process, so don’t leave it out!

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